NanoMarkets’ new report covers the markets for FRAM, MRAM, nanocrystalline memory, ovonic memory, nanotube memory, molecular memory, polymer memory, holographic memory and MEMS-based memory systems. The report identifies and quantifies the opportunities presented by these technologies and the timeframes in which they will emerge. The current state of development for each of these technologies is identified – are they in R&D, sampling, pilot production, full-scale production? – as are the markets for these products.

The report discusses the types of end product that will use each of these technologies and in what context –i.e., do they replace DRAM, SRAM, Flash, disk storage or some combination of these? Will they create entirely new products? The role of key semiconductor companies and OEMs is also discussed, including the progress of some of the smaller firms active in this space. Particular attention is paid to how many of the competing nanomemory solutions can succeed and which ones they are most likely to be. Detailed market forecasts are included, broken out by technology type and application served.