Silicon Laude, a startup fabless semiconductor company, has developed an integrated circuit comprising two 8051 8-bit microcontrollers and a cryptographic engine that can interface directly with Freescale’s MR2A16A 4-Mbit (256k x16) MRAMs.

The chip, packaged in a 144-ball FBGA, is suitable for such applications as financial data terminals, personal identification number (PIN) pads, and similar applications, the company said. A lower-cost, non-secure SL80C051-2002 device is also available for general-purpose 8051 multi-controller applications that do not require such a high level of security.

Both devices are based on a parallel pipeline architecture that is capable of instruction execution speeds of up to 25-MIPs when used with one or more 20-nanosecond access time, Freescale MR2A16A MRAMs.
Silicon Laude, formed in 2005, is accepting orders now for delivery in the first quarter of 2006. The SL80C051-2001 is priced at $60.00 per device, while the SL80C051-2002 is priced at $45.00, both in 100-unit quantities. The company said it is prepared to consider customizing the dual-8051 for orders of 1000 units or more.