Everspin has a new CEO and president: Aurangzeb Khan. In their press release, he makes an interesting comment:

“I could not be more excited to join Everspin at a time when the company is strongly expanding its product portfolio and ramping revenue growth,” said Khan. “Everspin’s revolutionary MRAM technology has broad market demand ranging from stand-alone memory products to embedded system-on-chip applications.”

Which might hint at standaline MRAM products from Everspin one day...

They also say they have 50 products already, in several markets:

Everspin MRAM delivers highly reliable, high-performance and cost-effective non-volatile random access memory. The company shipped the world’s first MRAM product in 2006. Everspin has grown its product portfolio to include 50 products and today has global production programs with industry leaders in the storage, industrial automation, gaming, energy management, communications, consumer, transportation and avionics markets.

UPDATE - seems like I got it all wrong. By standalone, they mean the current chips available. The new kind are chips for embedded SoC. Here's what Saeid, Everspin's COO told me:

“Everspin currently has standalone memory from 256kb to 4Mb range and plans to introduce 16Mb. Standalone means that the chip only has memory function (storing data).  Embedded or System on a chip means you are adding other functions like control, computing, communication to the chip in addition to data storage.”