Everspin announced a new product, the MR25H40. It's a 4Mb MRAM with a fast, simple Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). The MR25H40 requires no write delay, runs at clock speeds as fast as 40 MHz, and provides automatic data protection on power loss and unlimited endurance with more than 20 years data retention. This new chip is the highest density SPI MRAM (Everspin also offers 256Kb and 1Mb SPI MRAM). Samples of this chip are now available in industrial (-40°C to 85°C) temperature grades.

The MR25H40 MRAM product operates from 3.0 to 3.6 volts while offering low standby and operating currents as well as a sleep mode to further reduce system power consumption. The device is byte-organized internally, containing 4096 Kb of data. Industry-standard serial SPI command codes and timing enable easy connection to existing MCU and system designs. The MR25H40 is available in a small footprint 5mm x 6mm, 8-pin DFN package or an easily mounted 300 mil 8-pin DIP, which are both RoHS-compliant and are pin-out and footprint compatible with serial EEPROM, Flash and FeRAM products.