Ovonyx, Inc. and Samsung Electronics today announced that they have entered into a long-term license agreement under Ovonyx' intellectual property relating to Ovonic Universal Memory (OUM) thin-film semiconductor memory technology.
Ovonyx memory technology uses a reversible phase-change memory process that has been previously commercialized worldwide in rewritable CD and DVD optical memory disks. The Ovonyx array-addressed semiconductor memory technology can be used in applications such as Flash and DRAM memory replacements, as well as in embedded applications in many product areas such as microcontrollers and reconfigurable MOS logic.
"The IT industry embraces change and enhancements which are enabled by advanced semiconductor technologies," said Byung-Il Ryu, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor R&D Center. "The agreement we announce today will open doors to further development and research on phase-change technology (or OUM nonvolatile memory technology), a prominent solution for next generation memory designs and applications."
"Samsung is the market leader in DRAM and Flash memory production and has made rapid progress towards productizing phase-change memory technology," said Tyler Lowrey, President & CEO of Ovonyx. "Ovonyx looks forward to working with Samsung to commercialize OUM nonvolatile memory products."

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