KDF today announced that Ovonyx, Inc., a Rochester Hills, Mich.-based company specializing in the commercialization of proprietary phase-change semiconductor memory technology, has purchased the new KDF Ci (cluster intelligence) cluster tool for use in support of commercialization programs for its technology. The product, which is expected to ship in the third quarter 2007, marks a first-time cluster tool win for KDF and the company’s entry into a new market.

Non-volatile phase-change memory boasts rapid write and erase speeds, elevated cycling endurance, and superior scaling performance as the industry moves toward newer generations of nonvolatile solid state memory. Ovonyx will continue its programs for Ovonyx Unified Memory (OUM) performance enhancement and cost reduction on KDF’s innovative cluster tool. The customized cluster tool with a hydrogen cleaning station will allow Ovonyx and its customers to develop manufacturing processes in a preproduction environment using a cluster tool that emulates their fab environments.