Fujitsu's MB85R2001 and MB85R2002 feature non-volatile memory with high-speed data writing, low power consumption and the ability to provide a large number of write cycles.

The MB85R2001 and MB85R2002 FRAM chips are ideal for automotive navigation systems, multifunction printers, measuring instruments and other advanced applications that can use non-volatile memory to store various parameters, record equipment operating conditions and preserve security information.

The configuration of MB85R2001 is 256K words x 8bits, while the configuration of MB85R2002 is 128K words x 16 bits. Both MB85R2001 and MB85R2002 feature read access times of 100ns and read/write cycle times of 150ns. The MB85R2001 and MB85R2002 operate from 3V to 3.6V.