Spin-Ion Technologies

Spin-Ion Technologies logoSpin-Ion Technologies, established in 2017 as a spin-off from CNRS, developed a unique patented process that increases the performance of MRAM magnetic layers - by improving the homogeneity, increasing the magnetic performance and increasing yields.

The process is based on an ultra-fast ion beam treatment of the multilayer stack enabling improved structural properties. Spin-Ion's technology can be integrated with the deposition system as a plug-in ion beam module that allows very high throughput.


Rangduru logoEstablished in 2011 in the US, Rangduru developed an MRAM memory structure called DX MRAM that uses a cell structure that is twice as dense as current MRAM structures.

Rangduru operates in a fabless model and develops both discrete MRAM chips and embedded MRAM technologies.

HFC Semiconductor

HFC Semiconductor logoHFC Semiconductor develops MRAM technology for both stand-alone and embedded applications.

HFC plans to build its own full MRAM production facility.

Crocus Nanoelectronics

Crocus Nanoelectronics (CNE) was established in 2011 in Russia by Rusnano (as a joint-venture with Crocus Technology, which holds 20% of CNE). CNE is an advanced 300 mm wafer fab for 90/65 nm nodes.

CNE focuses on emerging technology and devices, including non-volatile memories, magnetic sensors, bio-electronic sensors, integrated passive devices, wafer level magnetics and highly engineered semiconductor wafer processing. CNE has its own STT-MRAM project with plans to offer embedded STT-MRAM solutions.


Cobham logoCobham (formerly Aeroflex microelectronic solutions) designs and produces high-reliability ICs, components and systems for several markets including the aerospace and defense ones.

Cobham licensed Everspin's MRAM technology and released its first MRAM chips in 2012. Cobham offers 16Mbit and 64Mbit MRAM chips.

Avalanche Technology

California-based Avalanche Technology is a start up company founded in 2006 to develop patented Spin Programmable perpendicular STT-MRAM (SPMEM) memory that uses a revolutionary proprietary spin current and voltage switching technology that enables lower write current, smaller cell size, higher density and excellent scalability.

Avalanche Technology currently offers STT-MRAM chips up to 64Mb in size, in both discrete and embedded form.


SK Hynix Semiconductor is a global memory supplier producing a range of DRAM and flash memory chips. Hynix has an active MRAM research program, in collaboration with Grandis, Samsung and Toshiba.