California-based Avalanche Technology is a start up company founded in 2006 to develop patented Spin Programmable perpendicular STT-MRAM (SPMEM) memory that uses a revolutionary proprietary spin current and voltage switching technology that enables lower write current, smaller cell size, higher density and excellent scalability.

Avalanche Technology currently offers STT-MRAM chips up to 64Mb in size, in both discrete and embedded form.

Avalanche started to sample 32Mb and 64Mb STT-MRAM chips in 2015. In February 2016 the company raised $23 million, adding to the $30 million raised in 2012. In October 2016 Avalanche announced a collaboration with Sony Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation to start volume pMTJ STT-MRAM production on 300mm wafers by early 2017.

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46600 Landing Parkway,
Fremont, CA 94538
United States
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The latest Avalanche news:

Avalanche has been awarded four key "milestone" STT-MRAM patents

Avalanche Technology has been awarded four key "milestone" patents for its STT-MRAM technology and solid-state storage array system design. Avalanche has over 200 filed patents that covers the full spectrum from memory cell/circuit design and manufacturing to solid-state storage system development and deployment.

Avalanche (founded in 2006 and based in California, US) developed patented Spin Programmable STT-MRAM (SPMEM) memory that uses a revolutionary proprietary spin current and voltage switching technology. The company wants to license their technology for embedded applications and also build discrete standalone memory devices. In July 2012 the company raised $30 million.

Avalanche raises $30 million to bring their STT-MRAM products to market

Avalanche Technology announced that it has raised $30 million from existing investors (Vulcan Capital, Sequoia Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Thomvest Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures) and also from a new investor, VTB capital. Avalanche hopes that this investment will enable them to bring the first products into the market.

Avalanche will produce STT-MRAM chips based on their proprietary SPMEM (Spin Programmable Memory) technology. SPMEM uses a revolutionary spin current and voltage switching technology that enables "lower write current, smaller cell size and excellent scalability". The first products will use a 65 nm process, but the company says that their technology is scalable to 10 nm or even less.

Avalanche and ISI developed a new wafer level analyzer for STT-MRAM

Avalanche Technology and Integral Solutions International (ISI) have designed a Wafer Level Analyzer, the WLA-3000, to be used in STT-MRAM development. 

The WLA-3000 includes specific hardware test modules including nS-range Pulse Generator that quickly measures switching currentse of MTJ devices in STT-MRAM as a function of Pulse Width. Using this Pulse Generator module, customers will be able to perform Error Rate, Switching Probability, Endurance Testing, and Read/Write Disturb analysis in a fraction of time as compared to other slower pulsers.