August 2022

Everspin reported its financial results for Q2 2022

Everspin Technologies announced its financial results for Q2 2022, with revenues of $14.71 million (up 24% from Q2 2021) and a net profit of $1.7 million . The company's had a positive cash flow of $4.3 million (up from a negative cash flow of $600,000 last year). At the end of the quarter Everspin had $23.1 million in cash and equivalents.

Everspin 1Gb STT-MRAM chip photo

Everspin expects that industry supply constraints will limit supply, and the company reduces its forecast for Q3 2022 - with revenues seen to be in the range of $14.4 million to $15.4 million. Everspin says that price increases from its suppliers and expenses related to 28nm STT-MRAM development will reduce its earnings next quarter and the company will be breakeven or with a small profit.

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FALINUX to adopt Avalanche's 8Mb MRAM chips in its next-gen HMI products

pMTJ STT-MRAM developer Avalanche Technology announced that it is providing its MRAM Persistent SRAM chips to industrial touch screen applications developed by FALINUX.

Avalanche Technology SPnvSRAM G2 MRAM evaluation board photo

FALINUX is using Avalanche's 8Mb P-SRAM device in its next generation Human Machine Interface (HMI) products used in industrial automation systems. The company says it chose Avalanche's MRAM technology due to its ease of use, instant write capability, practically unlimited endurance and data retention in harsh environmental conditions.

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Everspin announces a new 128Mbit xSPI STT-MRAM product

A few months ago, Everspin Technologies launched a new family of SPI/QSPI/xSPI interface MRAM products that offer the world's highest performance persistent memory with full read and write bandwidth of 400 Megabytes per second through the new JEDEC expanded Serial Peripheral Interface (xSPI) standard interface. The EMxxLX family was launched with densities ranging from 8 Mbit to 64 Mbit.

Everspin Technologies chip photo

Today Everspin announced a new xSPI MRAM device, the EM128LX, that expands the product line to 128Mbit.  Everspin says that the combination of increased density with up to 233 megabytes/second full read and write bandwidth means that system designers now have the option of merging code and data memory on the same device, reducing cost, power, and area.

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