March 2022

ESEN adopts Avalanche's MRAM technology for flight safety computer products

MRAM developer Avalanche Technology announced that ESEN has designed Avalanche’s 16Mbit High Performance Serial P-SRAM devices into its high reliability flight safety computer products.

Avalanche pMTJ STT-MRAM P-SRAM Serial QSPI Evaluation Kit photo

Avalanche's 2nd-Gen P-SRAM evaluation kit

The MRAM memory will provide a highly reliable solution, and Avalanche says that its Gen-2 products were selected for their ease of use, instant write capability, practically unlimited endurance and data retention in harsh environmental conditions. Avalanche Technology says it is the only supplier of low voltage MRAM products at 16Mb density operating at 1.8V in a small form factor with a serial interface.

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ISI introduces a new 3-Axis magnet option for its MRAM tester systems, targeting STT-MRAM and SOT-MRAM testing

Integral Solutions International (ISI) announced a new 3-Axis Magnet Option for wafer-level testing. Combined with ISI's WLA5000 Tester, the 3D magnetic fields produced by this system can be used for characterization of MRAM devices in addition to 2D/3D Magnetic Sensors.

ISI WLA5000 MRAM tester

ISI says that for MRAM applications, the 3D Magnetic fields produced by ISI’s 3-Axis Magnet Option delivers solutions for both STT-MRAM and SOT-MRAM applications.

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ITRI and UCLA to co-develop VC-MRAM technologies

Taiwan-based Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) announced an agreement with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to co-develop Voltage-Control MRAM (VC-MRAM) technologies.


ITRI says that VC-MRAM is a type of SOT-MRAM that offers improved performance - 50% higher writing speed and 75% less energy consumption. VC-MRAM is said to be ideal for AIoT and automotive industry applications. The partnership is expected to strengthen the link between both parties and accelerate the R&D and industrialization of new memory technologies.

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Everspin reports its Q4 2021 financial results

Everspin Technologies announced its financial results for Q4 2021. Revenues in the quarter came in at $18.2 million (up from $14.8 million in Q3 2021,and $10 million in Q4 2020). During the quarter, the company recognized $3.95 million in the IP monetization deal it signed in Q3 2021. The company reports Q4 positive net income of $3.7 million. Cash and equivalents at the end of the quarter increased to $21.4 million (up from $14.6 million in the end of 2020).

Everspin Technologies chip photo

Everspin has seen excellent Toggle MRAM shipments and revenue, but the company's STT-MRAM was flat as its largest customer was also impacted by supply constraints (not related to Everspin). The company expects STT-MRAM revenue to remain flat for the new couple of quarters. It expects Q1 2022 revenues to be in the range of $13.4 million to $14.2 million.

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