November 2021

Why you should consider advertising at MRAM-Info in 2022

The MRAM market is set for another record year in 2022, as MRAM chips and memories are increasingly being used in industrial, space, IT, automotive and other applications. If you are looking to promote your company's products and services for the MRAM market, increase industry awareness of your technology, and generate industry leads - MRAM-Info is the perfect choice!

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MRAM-Info offers the easiest, most direct path to industry exposure, with specifically tailored marketing packages that will suit your needs. MRAM-Info is a well-established brand and a publication accessed by thousands of memory professionals and consumers each month, via our website, newsletter and social media channels.

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Everspin reports excellet financial results for Q3 2021

Everspin Technologies announced its financial results for Q3 2021. Revenues increased 46.5% from last year to reach $14.8 million, and the company reported a record net income of $880k.

Everspin 1Gb STT-MRAM chip photo

Everspin announced that during the quarter, it entered into two IP monetization deals worth $5.25 million, out of which $1.3 million was recognized in Q3. The rest of the amount will be recognized in Q4.

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Taiwan's Semiconductor Research Institute developed an SOT-MRAM device based on a PMA technique

Researchers at Taiwan's Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI) unveiled a new SOT-MRAM memory device that they developed in collaboration with University scientists.

TSRI SOT MRAM device photo

The new device uses a perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) technique. According to the TSRI researchers, they are the second team to successfully produce MRAM chips based on PMA (Intel is the first team to have achieved this).

Read the full story Posted: Nov 10,2021