January 2020

Objective Reports: the emerging memory market to reach $20 billion in revenues by 2029

Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates say that the emerging memory market will reach $20 billion in revenues by 2029, which will boost the emerging memory manufacturing equipment market to $854 million in revenues.

MRAM capacity shipments forecast (2017-2029, Coughlin)

According to the "Emerging Memories Ramp Up" report, offered by Objective and Coughlin, the market will grow by displacing the currently used NOR flash and SRAM memories which are less efficient - and will also displace a share of the DRAM market. Emerging memories will be used both as standalone memory chips and as embedded memories within other chips (such as microcontrollers, ASICs, and even compute processors). Future process shrinks and improved economies of scale will drive down prices, which will allow emerging memories to compete more effectively against today's most popular volatile and nonvolatile technologies.

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Everspin announced a restructuring plan to reduced expense and achieve breakeven in 2020

Everspin Technologies announced that the company will undergo a restructuring plan designed to reduce annual operating expenditures and achieve quarterly cash flow breakeven this year. At the end of January the company will reduce its headcount - an approximately 15% reduction of the workforce.

Everspin also announced that it reaffirms its Q4 2019 revenue guidance of $9.3 million to $9.7 million.

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